Buyer Preparation Checklist

Evaluate your current financial situation and decide how you can further improve your buying potential and understand your buying limitations. 

Down payment requirements, legal fees, inspections fees and taxes all play into the purchase of your new home which need to be accounted for and in place. 

Sometimes buyers can make the mistake of only considering the mortgage payment as their primary expense to home ownership. Its not just about what you can afford to buy, but also what you are able to carry is as equally important; therefore, a realistic and manageable monthly budget needs to be established upfront. 

As a first-time home buyer, you are eligible to receive great government cost saving rebates to assist with the purchase of your first home. You may want to explore how you can benefit from these programs to further improve your chances to acquire your first dream home.  

Invest the time into shopping for a competitive mortgage and get pre-approved ahead of time. Work with your mortgage broker or banking institution to negotiate a mortgage and rate that is favorable to you.  Understanding what you can afford, will instill the buying confidence you need to prepare a firm offer that will ensure a winning purchase.  

Ensure that you have your deposit funds accessible when the opportunity arise to make an offer. More importantly, take the opportunity to transfer the funds from your intended sources to show that you have the resources to commit to a successful close. 


Relax, take a seat, and let me understand your questions, or possibly provide you with some advice to get started with your real estate pursuit.